Welcome to Linuxhit.com. I have 25 years of experience working with Linux and open source. It started as a hobby in my teenage years. My hobby evolved to a long career of building software, services and infrastructure with open source technology.

I write this blog for a couple reasons:

Most posts on Linuxhit are geared towards people who are new to Linux, Open Source or technology in general. Experts generally don’t need tutorials as much. But as a new comer it can be hard to find the right information or help for your project. I know from experience.

Given that, I try to make my tutorials easy follow and complete. I test all the steps because I am doing the work. I also try to capture the aspects that might not be obvious to newbies.

Thanks for reading and good luck! I hope you find something of value on this site.

I support this site on my own. As a result I do put Amazon affiliate links on the site. If you feel like supporting the site, purchasing through my Amazon affiliate links help offset the cost of the running this blog. But it is by no means expected.