Top Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Linux Terminal Prompt

This article presents a condensed list of the most used Linux commands for beginners and their practical applications for everyday uses. Every command comes with examples to help understand their application.

Linux command for network bandwidth monitoring – bmon

Bandwidth Speedometer

Introduction – Bmon Linux command for network bandwidth monitoring Do you need a Linux command for network bandwidth monitoring? This article explains how bmon enables you to easily monitor your network bandwidth usage. Monitoring your network bandwidth can tell you what kind of network speeds you are getting. As a result you might find an […]

broot – Navigate, Browse and Search Directory Trees

broot screenshot in my media directory

broot – A new CLI tool I am always amazed when a new useful CLI tool like broot is released. Using Linux for well over 20 years, I expect everything useful to be built already. From time to time a new tool comes out and I wonder “How did I live with out this?” Some […]