RTMP vs HLS vs DASH – Streaming Protocols

RTMP vs HLS vs DASH These protocols are used for streaming to mobile devices.

Let’s look at RTMP vs HLS vs DASH. If you do anything with streaming you probably hear the acronyms RTMP, HLS and DASH. These protocols are the de-facto standards for streaming audio and video over the Internet. RTMP, HLS and DASH evolved out of the need to improve the technologies available to stream data across a network.

Plex vs Kodi What is the difference and which should I use?

Laptop streaming multimedia

Plex vs Kodi – Introduction Building a media hub and comparing Plex vs Kodi? Plex and Kodi are two of the most popular home media applications. The merits of Plex vs Kodi are debated heavily on Reddit and Linux forums. As a result it can be hard to distill which is right for you. And […]