Run multiple commands in Docker

Docker containers allow you to package all dependencies into a single image for portability.

Introduction Troubleshooting Docker workloads often requires you to run a command in the container. Or run multiple commands in a Docker container. For example you may need to run a command and pipe the output to another command for processing. Or you might want to run multiple commands sequentially. How do you do that? Well … Read more

RTMP vs HLS vs DASH – Streaming Protocols

RTMP vs HLS vs DASH These protocols are used for streaming to mobile devices.

Let’s look at RTMP vs HLS vs DASH. If you do anything with streaming you probably hear the acronyms RTMP, HLS and DASH. These protocols are the de-facto standards for streaming audio and video over the Internet. RTMP, HLS and DASH evolved out of the need to improve the technologies available to stream data across a network.

NGINX RTMP compile error – nginx-rtmp-module – ngx_rtmp_eval.c:160:17: error: this statement may fall through


NGINX RTMP Compile Error I am testing RTMP streaming on NGINX using the nginx-rtmp-module code base. Unfortunately nginx-rtmp-module is not available as a package. Hence I must compile from source. Compiling the module on Ubuntu 20.04 I encountered the error: The key part of this error is: What does this NGINX RTMP compile error mean? … Read more Update – January 2020

Results after 2 months 2 months ago I launched I decided to do it to fuel my motivation. Recently I have been working more personal tech projects. I figure the blog will help keep me motivated. If I know others are getting value, its an extra push for me when I am feeling lazy … Read more

Prometheus node exporter on Raspberry Pi – How to install

Human watching a monitoring dashboard

Introduction – Prometheus Node Exporter on Raspberry Pi What does this tutorial cover? In this post we are walking through configuring the Prometheus node exporter on a Raspberry Pi. When done, you will be able to export system metrics to Prometheus. Node exporter has over a thousand data points to export. It covers the basics … Read more