Results after 2 months

2 months ago I launched I decided to do it to fuel my motivation. Recently I have been working more personal tech projects. I figure the blog will help keep me motivated. If I know others are getting value, its an extra push for me when I am feeling lazy 🙂

So far it seems to be working. I am surprised at the amount of traffic is getting. Almost 2K views in December and over 300 so far this month. The numbers are not earth shattering but in my experience really good for a new blog.

Raspberry Pi PXE boot tutorial a success

The December traffic is mostly due to a Reddit post I made for my Raspberry Pi PXE boot article. I posted to Raspberry Pi sub-reddit on whim. It felt like a high quality post, I figured others might like it. I guess I was right 🙂 It is up to 1K up-votes on Reddit. And I got some Reddit silver as well. I estimate the post took 10 hours to create. 10 hours total between researching, writing, editing, testing and double testing the tutorial. Happy to see the time spent being enjoyed by others.

Reader engagement

When I first started blogging in the 90s, commenting was a big part of blogging. Authors had discussions with each other via their blogs using ping backs. Now it seems blogging is more a 1 way communication channel. Even with 2.5K total page views on the blog, the comment count from readers is still below 10.

I am happy that readers are commenting and asking questions. I try to answer then as quickly as I can. If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to comment on a post.

Topic Requests

If you have topic requests for future posts, please drop a comment with your idea. I can’t promise I will do every suggestion, but feedback is a big motivator.

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