Build a Raspberry Pi image with Packer – packer-builder-arm

Automated build process

Introduction: Building a Raspberry Pi image with Packer Today we are test driving packer-builder-arm, this tool enables you to build a Raspberry Pi image with Packer (in addition to other ARM platforms). Packer-builder-arm is a plugin for Packer. It extends Packer to support ARM platforms including Raspberry Pi. Packer is tool from Hashicorp for automating … Read more

How to install Go on Linux using official binary releases

The Go Gopher

Installing Go on Linux In this tutorial we walk through how to install the Go programming language on Linux. We are using the binary distribution you can download from Additionally we talk about why we prefer this method over other methods for installing Go. Why install go on Linux via this method? Linux distributions … Read more

PXE Boot, What is PXE? How does it work?

Boot your PC or server off the network port.

PXE Boot – Introduction What can you expect to learn about PXE from this post? High level overview of PXE boot process. Use cases for PXE boot. Detailed end to end overview of the PXE boot process. Technical details of each stage. What is PXE? In this post we are deep diving into PXE boot. … Read more

Raspberry Pi PXE Boot – Network booting a Pi 4 without an SD card

Raspberry Pi PXE Boot a board like this one.

What does this Raspberry Pi PXE Boot tutorial cover? This Raspberry Pi PXE Boot tutorial walks you through netbooting a Raspberry Pi 4 without an SD card. We use another Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD card as the netboot server. Allocate 90-120 minute for completing this tutorial end to end. It can faster if … Read more

WordPress Jetpack – Invalid Client, Unknown client_id

Invalid request, please go back and try again. Error Code:invalid_client Error Message: Unknown client_id. Warning: This post has instructions that involve manipulating the WordPress database. This can break your site or result in data loss if not done properly. Take this actions at your own risk. Please back up your database before attempting this. I … Read more